21 Killer Gift Ideas for Geeks

Finding gifts for geeks is no more a hassle now

Is your friend active on social media and prides himself on his programming skills or likes Sci-Fi gadgets too much? If so, here are the 21 cool and awesome gadgets which are designed for those who want everything hi-tech. In fact, some of them are fun and interesting even for common people like us. Have a look at the cool Gift ideas for geeks.

Explore the amazing Gift ideas for geeks list below:

  1. Smart Glasses

Gift ideas for geeks

These amazing hi-tech glasses are designed to change the world around you. These glasses contain see-through imaging and micro-projection technology to view content in virtual reality.

  1. Thermal Imager

Gift ideas for geeks

This iPhone Thermal Imager is designed to provide same resolution and quality like the Seek Thermal camera. It works day and night and even in poor visibility conditions.

  1. Car Seat Mount

Gift ideas for geeks

This mountable in-car entertainment system is best choice to innovate your car. This multi-passenger headrest mount is compatible with LG, Samsung, Sony, and all other Tablet PCs.

  1. Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Gift ideas for geeks

If your friend always needs to measure accurate temperature, this non-contact laser temperature gun turns on the thermometer with just one trigger press.

  1. Orange Pentode USB Drive

Gift ideas for geeks

This high quality SanDisk Flash Drive features handmade Radio vacuum tube made in 1981.

  1. Beer Bottle Bowl

Gift ideas for geeks

This novelty beer bottle bowl is the best choice when snacking with your friends and enjoying beer.

  1. Bug Lunch Bags

Gift ideas for geeks

Get some of these crazy gifts to shock and confuse everyone around. These are the novelty and hilarious lunch bags to scare the friend around you.

  1. PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Airplane

Gift ideas for geeks

Send a message and have fun with the world’s first app controlled paper airplane with crash-resistant design and range of 55 meters.

  1. Minion Goggles

Gift ideas for geeks

Love Minions? You will definitely love these cool goggles. They can easily fit adults and kids. Along with cool and funky look, you will get 100% UV400 protection.

  1. App-Controlled Bartending

Gift ideas for geeks

This gadget will let you enjoy your favorite drinks like never before. Connect your scale and download the free Perfect Drink app on your Android and iOS.

  1. 5-Way Headphone Splitter

Gift ideas for geeks

Do you want your loved ones to listen to your favorite song with you, this headphone splitter will help you.

  1. MindFlex Game

Gift ideas for geeks

Compete in a unique mental marathon and play with your thoughts. It reads your brainwaves and ball reacts accordingly.

  1. Pet Tracker Collar

Gift ideas for geeks

This gadget will help you keep track on your pet. It sets home zone for your pet. In case they wander outside, this GPS locator will notify you.

  1. Rattlesnake Eggs

Gift ideas for geeks

Scare everyone around with creepy rattlesnake noise when they uncoil these eggs.

  1. Green Butterboy

Gift ideas for geeks

Store all your butter in this cool little guy to prevent buttery disasters in future.

  1. Fart Experiment


Let your friends and kids laugh out loud and tickle their funny bone with this funny fart experiment gadgets.

  1. Douche Bag Trophy

Gift ideas for geeks

Do you have a weird neighbor who annoys you more often? You can reward this trophy to them.

  1. Blood Energy Potion

Gift ideas for geeks

Appear yourself as a totally freak individual and shock all of your neighbors and friends with this creepy potion.

  1. Cork Robot Ornament

Gift ideas for geeks

It is an innovative and cool gadget to take you down the memory lane. This cool robot holds your wine and champagne corks.

  1. Fogless Shower Mirror

Gift ideas for geeks

This stainless-steel mirror is shower-safe, and shatter-proof. It has anti-fog properties that keep fog filling up when you take shower.

  1. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Gift ideas for geeks

Make your own healthy iced tea, fruit flavored water, Juice and Lemonade on the go.